10 Reasons Why YOUR Wedding Needs Fireworks and a Magician




Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life.

There are many ways to make it memorable, but few are as good as a whimsical magician and a romantic firework show to end the night. While all weddings should revolve around the happy couple, a big part of weddings is entertaining the guests. Close-up magicians make for a one-of-a-kind event experience, and fireworks are a magic all their own. Not convinced? Check out these ten awesome reasons why your wedding should definitely include fireworks and a magician. 

Spectacular Pictures

Weddings are dreamy enough as it is, but imagine the end of your wedding album filled with stunning shots of a sky full of explosive colour. Every time you open the wedding album, you’ll be so grateful for organising a fireworks display. 

Perfect Timing

Fireworks are not only beautiful – they make a dramatic statement. You can use fireworks to highlight the most important moments of your day. This can be the moment you say “I do,” your first dance, or even your spectacular exit. 

Shining Creativity

Not all fireworks are colourful explosions in the sky. You and your guests can use sparklers to create words in midair that show up in pictures. Try passing them out to everyone and making a sparkler-lined exit tunnel for a special departure. 

Right on Theme

Fireworks displays can be customised to match the theme of your wedding. Having a Christmas season ceremony? Red, green and gold can light up the sky. Prefer a Mardi Gras extravaganza? Purple, gold and green would be perfect.


For fun-loving couples, surprising all of your wedding guests with an unexpected display will make your wedding the one they’ll be talking about for years. Trust us – the fact that you’ll know it’s coming won’t make it any less amazing. 

No Lull

Many couples look back at their wedding and wish they’d spent more on entertainment. Booking a magician to mystify guests will cut down on any potential down time in between dancing, cake cutting, and bouquet tossing. 

Create Comfort

If your wedding is like most, a fair amount of the guests don’t know each other, which can make for some awkward silences. An engaging magician can help draw strangers closer together, making the experience more enjoyable for all. 

Something for Everyone

Dancing is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have guests who don’t enjoy your other entertainment offerings, a magician is a great way to ensure everyone has a good time. After all, who doesn’t like magic?


Let’s face it; there are a lot of wedding clichés out there. Hiring a close-up magician for your wedding reception? Not one of them. It’s not something most people consider, but it sure is memorable. 

Pure Fun

Above all, your special day should be fun. Magic is stress-free and it’s not going to offend anyone. In the midst of planning all of the details, don’t forget the importance of having a great time! 

About the author, Ed McCarthy

Ed McCarthy is the manager and promoter of j90. Ireland’s favourite and most in demand party band. With over 10 years experience Ed founded Cherrypick Entertainment, an agency to cherry-pick and prepare the best bands in Ireland to be better and offer more.

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