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5 Reasons Why Cork Band J90 is your Perfect Wedding Band


Your wedding is a special day and it is extremely important that everything goes right. You have planned out every detail but have you put that much thought into your wedding band? Music is so important to your wedding which is why you need to take a lot of care when it comes to looking for the perfect wedding band. J90 is definitely a band that you should be considering for your big day. Here is why you need to choose J90 as your wedding band.

J90 are seriously talented​

Probably one of the most important things about a band is having one that is talented at your show. There is a reason why this band is so popular today in Ireland and even all over the UK. They are an immensely talented 5 piece band that can appeal to a wide variety of audiences, from younger fans to older family members.

Diverse Music

Not a lot of bands have the diversity to cover many different genres. One of the biggest disadvantages of a wedding band is limitations as far as the music diversity that the band is capable of. J90 has a diverse catalog of music, which can help them to appeal to all ages in the audience. They are not limited to only a specific genre, which means that they can offer an incredible mix of music.

Performance is Key

Whenever you see a band, you can get very easily bored by having some people just stand there and playing music. When you pay a band or a DJ to play at your wedding, you want something more than that. You want a performer that will drum up excitement and make your wedding the party of a lifetime. J90 definitely excels at creating a musical experience that your wedding guests will talk about for a very long time.

J90 are more than a wedding band.

This is a popular band that has toured around the UK and Ireland. They have released numerous singles and released albums on iTunes and other digital music sites. You are getting a well-known local band to play at your wedding in between their sold out gigs. J90 also performs at a wide variety of other events like birthday parties and corporate events. Whatever event you want, this is the band you can count on.


If you want to see just how good this band is, just watch one of their videos. Their rendition is quite moving and will end up on your playlist. You will see just how guests react to us by watching this videos and learn all about why we are the must have wedding band in Ireland.

Wedding bands may be a dime a dozen but you may not have seen a wedding band that is as talented and as high energy as J90 is. Check out their website to learn more about this versatile band.

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Ed McCarthy is the manager and promoter of j90. Ireland’s favourite and most in demand party band. With over 10 years experience Ed founded Cherrypick Entertainment, an agency to cherry-pick and prepare the best bands in Ireland to be better and offer more.

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