5 Things To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Wedding DJ




Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and getting it to run without a hitch can seem nigh on impossible in the build up.

The more planning you do in the lead up to the big day, the more smoothly it will run but thinking of all the right questions can be difficult off the cuff.

We’ve pulled together a few things to consider for picking your perfect wedding DJ which should be one less thing to worry about.

1. Think About What YOU Want

I know this might sound obvious but it’s better to make these kinds of decisions before you start talking to the DJs. Just take 10 minutes to sit down with your partner and talk about the big things. What kind of music do you want? Do you want someone who will just play the music or do you want someone that will get involved? The more you know about what you want, the easier it is for you and the DJ!

2. Ask Whether You Want Your DJ To Take Requests Or Not

For some the joy of getting everyone involved and making requests for their favorite songs is part and parcel of a great wedding DJ. Others might find certain song choices a bit awkward and the easiest way to avoid these is to just put a ban on requests. You don’t want the song you and your ex used to dance to popping up halfway through your night so no requests is easier than a ban list!

3. Meet Your Potential DJ In Person

Your gut instinct when you meet the DJ can tell you a lot about how the night will go. If you’re a quiet couple who just want a few romantic ballads and some classic belters being played, you’re not going to be happy with a chatty DJ that will be interrupting the music every two minutes. A quick meeting will tell you whether you’ll gel with this DJ or not so don’t go for someone just because they’re recommended – everyone wants something different!

4. Ask About Their Equipment

Even if you don’t know anything about DJ equipment you’ll have a few ideas for what you want in your reception so talk to them about these ideas. They’ll be able to tell you what’s possible and what isn’t and this could be the turning point for whether you use them or not.

5. Make Sure They Listen

A professional wedding DJ could be at a different wedding every weekend of the year. While they might know what they’re talking about it doesn’t mean their experience should override what you want out of your big day.

When you meet them, make sure they’re taking note of the requests you’re making that are important to you.

Picking your wedding DJ doesn’t need to be a stressful experience so follow these few tips and you’ll be sure to find the perfect person for you. Extra planning in those early months will save you a lot of heartache on the big day!

About the author, Ed McCarthy

Ed McCarthy is the manager and promoter of j90. Ireland’s favourite and most in demand party band. With over 10 years experience Ed founded Cherrypick Entertainment, an agency to cherry-pick and prepare the best bands in Ireland to be better and offer more.

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