5 Tips to Help Choose Perfect Ceremonial Wedding Music




When you’re picking the big songs for your wedding day it can be easy to come up with your first dance or music for the after party but when it comes to choosing music for the actual wedding ceremony, it can be a little trickier and doesn’t come quite as naturally.

There are a lot more things to consider so we’ve compiled a list of the top five things to consider when you’re picking your wedding ceremony music to help you through this tricky choice.

1. Listen to the Lyrics

Walking down the aisle takes longer than you might anticipate and while your song might have some heartfelt, meaningful lyrics in the chorus, the rest of the song might shatter this illusion. At such a quiet and intense moment of your day you don’t want your guests to be listening to the lyrics and thinking about how inappropriate they are, so think about them all before you set your heart on a certain song. Even if you decide to go down the instrumental route, there’s a good chance someone in the audience what the song is about.

2. Decide on the Musicians

For many it is becoming increasingly popular to just download a song and have someone hit play before you make your way down the aisle. If that’s the case then it’s a bit of money saved on the musicians and a lot of hassle out of the way – you know exactly how it will sound before you set off. If you do decide to go down the professional musician route then take a lot of care in deciding what you want before you pay up.

3. Pick a Song for Both of You

Your wedding day is about joining two souls together in love for eternity so all the decisions should be about both of you.

When it comes to walking down the aisle to the big ‘I do’s’, make sure you consider your other half and discuss with them what you’d like.

4. Don’t Let Other People Influence Your Choice

This is your big day and only you get to decide on the music you want. In the same way that you wont be letting other people make the choices on your dress, venue or food, why would you let other people influence the music choices!

When you’ve stumbled across that perfect tune you will know and it will feel perfect to you so ignore everyone else, it isn’t their day!

5. Don’t Forget the Recessional

Processional music is a big deal and heading down that aisle for the ceremony is one of the most gut wrenching experiences on the planet. The recessional is basically setting up your life with your other half so don’t forget to come up with a tune that means a lot to the both of you.

The music for your wedding really sets the tone for how the day’s going to go. Thinking long and hard about this choice is an absolute must, you don’t want to be regretting your choice a year down the line. Follow these tips and you’re sure to find the perfect song for you and your partner!

About the author, Ed McCarthy

Ed McCarthy is the manager and promoter of j90. Ireland’s favourite and most in demand party band. With over 10 years experience Ed founded Cherrypick Entertainment, an agency to cherry-pick and prepare the best bands in Ireland to be better and offer more.

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