6 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Fun!




We at Cherrypick Entertainment don’t just provide bands for your wedding; we also provide wedding packages that are tailor-made just for you!

Just let us know what little touches you want to have on your wedding and we will help you set your choices up.

Photo Booth

Photo booths have been around for quite a long time and it hasn’t lost its touch a bit. This classic wedding entertainment allows guests to have their photos taken and have their photos in minutes or even seconds. 

Magic Mirror

If photo booths are a bit too traditional for you, then you can take your selfie or groupfie to the next level with the Magic Mirror. This high-quality and innovative stand-alone mirror captures your picture the way you want it. With its interchangeable frames and touch paint feature, photos can be customised according to you and your guests’ personality.

LED Dance Floor

Bring your dance floor to life with our LED Dance floor. This installable dance floor is powered with LED lights that will twinkle and provide ambient glow in the dance area.  The additional ambient lighting creates a more blissful atmosphere in the reception which makes it more inviting for guests to dance the night away too.


Magicians are a great addition to your wedding day entertainment, especially if there are a lot of kids present. Be ready to get amazed with great magic tricks while throwing in some humour here and there. Magicians are also a great way to break the ice between guests.


Fireworks are also a popular addition to any wedding. There’s nothing more romantic than making the night sky come to life with bursts of colours from every direction. We have a wide array of fireworks to choose from so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Video DJs

Turn your wedding venue from a dreamy reception into a posh rave party in an instant with video DJs. With their amazing mixes and visually exciting videos, the entire people in the room won’t resist from busting their moves in the dance floor. 

Looking for a wedding with a difference? 
As well as premium music entertainment contact Cherrypick Entertainment today to make your wedding package extra special!

About the author, Ed McCarthy

Ed McCarthy is the manager and promoter of j90. Ireland’s favourite and most in demand party band. With over 10 years experience Ed founded Cherrypick Entertainment, an agency to cherry-pick and prepare the best bands in Ireland to be better and offer more.

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