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How big, important and profitable is the wedding band industry in Ireland?



  • The average amount spent on a wedding band is €1,658 in Ireland.
  • In 2014 and 2015 Ireland had about 22k marriages/partnerships a year.
  • In a survey 81% of wedding guests say the thing they remember most is the music choice.


The market for wedding entertainment is huge with approximately 22k weddings a year in Ireland. Along with the passage of same sex marriage the entire wedding industry is predicted to get a $16 million boost a year. In the first year of the marriage act almost 2,200 same sex marriages occurred creating a substantial expansion in the market for wedding entertainment.


When surveyed about the most memorable part of a wedding 81% of guests said the music choice was most memorable. Considering the average amount of wedding guest is 101-150 that provides a lot of exposure for bands for future gigs. Trends also show that weddings are spending more money on things like music and spending a little less on venue and accessories.

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While DJs are typically considered a 'safer' route than a band new trends show a combination of a DJ and a band to be gaining in popularity; this gives bands further opportunity to expand even more in the wedding industry. This goes along with a trend to upgrade performance equipment to 'pro' level music equipment, highlighting the importance of quality music at the reception.


As of 2015 the average amount spent on a wedding band in Ireland is €1,658. The average wedding band pay is €500 to €3,000 depending on the band, the time of year and the demand. It was hard to find definitive figures but it appears the average for pub gigs is only about €350 and €400.

Local shows are needed year round, but summer being the most popular time for weddings (especially late July and August) would increase the amount you can charge per gig. The amount you can make at a wedding gig vs a bar is anywhere from 3-5x according to a professional entertainment provider.


With an expanding wedding market, trends favoring live bands, and the hike in cost for wedding vs pub makes the wedding entertainment market particularly appealing for bands to take advantage of.

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