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Professional Band Management

Cherrypick Entertainment is a band management agency with a difference. Unlike most agencies which manage dozens if not hundreds of acts; Cherrypick works with only the best ensuring each band gets the attention they need to become a success. We don't build bands, we build careers by providing our bands with (not only) more regular paid gigs but by bettering them as a band to increase fees, demand and loyalty.

Cherrypick works with hand-picked bands to develop their brand, network, bookings and booking fees

We work with the best cover bands and original bands and push them to the highest standards transforming them from pub band into true performers which can demand and hold attention of the larger crowd. We also manage our bands allowing you to simply turn up, play and get paid without having to worry about stressful admin, organisation or sales calls.

J90 cork

Band Management

As part of being a signed Cherry-picked band we organise and supply the PA, lights, rehearsal time, studio sessions and professional video or photo shoots. This offers our bands more time to concentrate on what they do best… playing music.

Cherrypick Entertainment works exclusively with J90, one of Irelands favourite, longest running and most in demand party bands. With over 20 years experience in weddings, corporate and festival events J90 demands the highest standard of band management service.

Every week our Cherry-picked bands are performing at events all over Ireland, doing what they do best and getting paid well to do so.

Cherrypick markets bands nationwide to a growing network of festivals, club owners, wedding links & corporates

Cherrypicks growing network ensures our Cherry-picked bands get more booking, bigger booking and bookings more in advance. We also negotiate contracts, manage artist logistics, collect payments and monitor and push your bands revenue goals

More Bookings

Given the high quality of bands Cherrypicks works with we currently receive more booking enquiries than available bands

Bigger Bookings

Cherrypicks works with some of the biggest corporate brands in Ireland including Apple, Google and IBM

Bookings in Advance

Cherrypicks can offer its clients a more steady and dependable revenue stream given its decade long experience in the profitable wedding market

Contract Negotiations

Cherrypick handles all admin, signings and negotiations of new events resulting in each band being more protected and more profitable

Secure Payment

Cherrypicks handles all payments with monthly billing going directly to each band

Professional Equipment

Cherrypicks bands can avail of the best of music equipment with access to recording studio, sessions, rehearsal spaces and sound management

"Signing with Cherrypick has been great. Even after doing this for over 10 years, the admin was always so time-consuming. Now Cherrypick handle all of that and we are booked solid till 2019. We turn up, play, leave with payment taken care of - it’s great."

Ed McCarthy J90 Manager
As part of a monthly fee Cherrypick grows your sound, brand and professional image helping your band reach a larger audience via professional marketing and experience

Cherrypicks growing network ensures bands gets more bookings, bigger bookings and bookings more in advance. Cherrypick provide a one stop shop solution to negotiating contracts, managing artist logistics, collecting payments and managing the bands long-time goals

Brand Development

Once a Cherrypick band you become more than a band, you become a brand. To truly take that next step forward you must become bigger than your music

SEO Optimised Profile

Each band gets its own optimised SEO profile page on this website highlighting the best of your bands achievements, imagery and video. The page is written by our in-house SEO marketers with keyword research in mind to help with band awareness and bookings

Photography Package

As part of your sign up package each band is permitted one photoshoot and one event photoshoot by our own professional photographer

Print Marketing

Cherrypick clients can also avail of discounts on print marketing to help promote your band on a local level. Album designs, posters, stickers, posters and more are all discounted helping you gain traction locally

Social Media Management

Each month personalised social media posts directing traffic from social media to your bands designated SEO profile will be posted to Facebook. This enhances your bands image, increases traffic, brand awareness and band loyalty

Online Advertising

It can be difficult for individual bands to market nationwide. As part of Cherrypick the combined marketing budgets of each member help us all reach wider audiences than any band individually.

Shane from j90

Signing with Cherrypick has been great. Even after doing this for over 10 years, the admin was always so time-consuming. Now Cherrypick handle all of that and we are booked solid till 2019. We turn up, play, leave with payment taken care of - it’s great.

 Ed McCarthy 

 J90 Band Manager